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Marine Lumber

At Triton Lumber & Marine Supply we specialize in Marine Lumber. We stock all sizes from 2x4 to large timbers. We have most dimensions in both ACQ and CCA pressure treated; From a .40 in ground to a saltwater submersion 2.5.

piled logs

We also specialize in special orders.

We have many resources that enable us to quickly access Yellow Pine,
Cypress, and Cedar from Square stock to most any pattern stock.

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Don't forget, if you are a boat enthusiast looking to find that elusive Teak piece or White Oak,
#1 Dense Pine, Ash or Mahogany, we have these species in stock! We also have Okumi marine
plywood as well as Teak and Holly.

We are also suppliers of Ipe, a South American species most often used for decking.

If you are in need for a quote, call our professional
staff for quick service.

We also stock PT Marine piling in 8" 9" and 10" diameters in lengths from 10' to 40'.

Ipe is the best wood for exterior use, period! This Hardwood is one of the
most durable and attractive timbers available.

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Ipe is an incredibly durable Brazilian Hardwood rated by the U.S. Forest Lab for duration, 25 years plus. Naturally resistant to fire, insects, moisture, and movement, this air dried hardwood is perfect for exterior commercial and residential applications such as decks, docks or exterior furniture.

It can be sealed to maintain its natural beauty or it can be allowed to weather to be a beautiful silver gray.

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Ipe is available in a variety of standard dimensional
lumber sizes and can be used for entire projects. It is
easily cut with standard carbide-tipped blades, but requires
pre-drilling and screwing with stainless steel screws. Hidden
fastening systems are also available.

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Standard decking sizes are 1x4 and 1x6 material (net 3/4” thickness), on 24” centers for residential use.

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